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High temperature electronic crane used in metallurgical indu

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    With the continuous development of China's metallurgical technology, metallurgy and internal management requirements also will be increased, the role of the weighing system in the metallurgical industry is also becoming increasingly important. Casting technology which requires the existence of electronic scales to monitor your job, this is because the time to monitor the molten steel weight, easy to monitor the level of molten steel, etc.
    In casting hot job status, you want to ensure accurate and reliable weighing electronic crane, which requires electronic crane with a performance at high temperatures to normal operation in harsh environments, and how to ensure that electronic crane at high temperatures or ultra-high temperature is normal job? sensor with a high temperature is the most important. Previously, most of the weighing system by the introduction of continuous casting, which is also supporting the load cell is basically a foreign production. In steelmaking and continuous casting process, the urgent need to have a temperature sensor domestic import substitution, to really solve the big package, online tundish prosecution, to ensure the normal continuous casting system automation, as well as cost savings for businesses.
    After years of continuous research and exploration, we have developed a domestic electronic crane with a high temperature, and to promote open to the community, which we Zhengzhou Dacheng Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. has been a leader in this field. However, in the metallurgical enterprises want to promote is that most companies do not believe that domestic products can reach this level of technology, do not believe that domestic products can replace imported products. To this end, we Dacheng weighing equipment company under different circumstances, from the following three aspects of the breakthrough.
    Improve the adaptability of products widely, depending on the structure of the plant sensors using alternative methods to break
   According to the survey, China's metallurgical industry, continuous casting equipment mostly from Japan, the United States, Germany and other casting technology is more advanced international introduction of electronic crane weighing system used is varied. Therefore, it requires us according to different manufacturers, different casting equipment design, as much as possible to improve the adaptability of the product, so that manufacturers can not change under the premise of the original mechanical weighing systems, quickly replaced to use.
    Learn from foreign advanced technology, unique with Chinese characteristics, high-temperature weighing system, to form their own unique advantages, out of a high-temperature weighing system localization of the road
   When the temperature of electronic scales to open a market in China's metallurgical industry, we are finding that it can not solve the fundamental problem, which is mainly structural parts exist many problems, the need for further improvement. To do this we need to learn from foreign advanced technology and to the original temperature of the weighing system with Chinese characteristics, and their high-temperature electronic crane scale, form their own unique advantages.
    Metallurgical industry where high temperature measurement is more, we should carry out in-depth research, the formation of the mechanical structure of the weighing system
    In the steel industry, in addition to large, tundish weighing outside, in fact, related to high or medium temperature weighing more occasions, if the use of high-temperature weighing technology transformation, can play a multiplier effect. In recent years, we have conducted a number of successful attempts in these areas, the effect is very obvious. And the grass-roots level and with the technical staff at Baotou metering together to discuss several aspects of rigidity, heat resistance, and cables from the sensor to improve the design, developed by everyone welcomes the high-temperature electronic scales.