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Power Suppply for Crane Scale

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  Battery: 6V/4.5Ah fully sealed Lead-Acid battery
Adapter: 9VDC/1000mA adapter
Current: the crane scale average current is about DC 100mA±10%, if battery charged, it can be used for about 50hours.
Low battery warning: When the digits flash, it means the battery needs to be recharged. The scale will power off
           automatically after 1 to 2 hours operation if the battery is not charged. Please recharge the battery before operating
           the scale again.
Charging method: Turn off the crane scale, use adapter in the carton, the charge lamp on the front panel will become orange
                  when charging, and it will become green when the charging finish.
 Generally, charging time should not less than 8hours, the crane scale have charging protection, long time charging can’t
damage the battery.