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Steps of Replacing Crane Scale Sensor

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1) Open the sensor (damaged) top cover, jacking up the weighing platform, remove the sensor ground.

2) Open the junction box, the damaged sensor cables and junction boxes relief. Out of the cable at the sensor end. Note: When you draw the line, attach a wire through the scale body, in order to replace the new sensor, then the cable through the scale body into the junction box.

3) reference method for the second term of the above, the sensor cable through the scale body into the junction box.

4) According to the cable wiring diagram of the core wire is fixed to the junction box corresponding terminals.

5) Release the jack, flat weighing platform, covered with lid.

6) After replacing the sensor, to be re-set for the truck and calibration.

7) After the installation of the sensor, its excess cable should be placed tied into bundles not placed directly on the basis of the ground.

8) In order to ensure consistency and interchangeability of the sensor, the sensor cable may not be arbitrarily truncated.

9) during installation and removal, with no scratches, bump sensors phenomenon, and to protect the cable.