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common system maintenance for electronic crane scales

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1) After installing the instrument should be kept manual, certificate, installation drawings and other information, and by the local authorities or state-recognized measurement metrology department certified by, be put into use.

2) before the system is powered on, you must check the power supply is reliable grounding device; stop after work, you must turn off the power.

3) should be checked before use weighing scale body is flexible, the performance of all supporting parts is good.

4) weighing display controller must first warm-up, usually about 30 minutes.

5) In order to ensure accurate measurement system, there should be lightning facilities, when weighing close to welding work, prohibited by the scale platform for ground zero line, to prevent damage to electrical components.

6) For the installation in the field of land in the balance, should be regularly checked within the drainage pit, to avoid clogging.

7) To keep dry junction box, junction box once wet air and water droplets immersed, hair dryer available.

8) In order to ensure the normal measurement scales should be periodically calibrated.

9) When lifting heavy objects metering, there should be impact of the phenomenon; metering heavy car, should not exceed the rated weighing system.

10) truck axle load capacity and sensor, the sensor fulcrum distance and other factors. General Truck ban on approaching the maximum capacity of the short wheelbase vehicles like forklifts over balance.

11) Division pounds operators and maintenance personnel are required to familiarize themselves with the instrument manuals and other relevant technical documents to posts operation