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OCS-xxFBi-XZ Direct Display Explosion-proof Electric Crane S

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Fuctional Features of OCS-xxFBi-XZ type

 • 7-bit25 mmLCDdisplay
 • The cursorindicates theweight of theunitandweighing state
 •hair,skin,clean, peel, clearskin, clear, motion detection
 • Ultraunderloaddisplay,low voltagedisplayandautomatic shutdown
 •Safety Zone, chargingtime usingabout150 hours

Fuctional  Features of OCS-xxFB-XZ type
  • 5-bit 25 mm LED high-definition display
  • The cursor indicates the weight of the unit and weighing state
  • Automatic or manual tare, clear skin, clear, motion detection
  • Sleep, low pressure, static timeout shutdown
  • Ultra underload display, peak hold, low pressure and high and low alarm presets
  • Safety Zone remote control and charging, charging time of about 100 hours use

Explosion-proof Technical Indicators

Weighing Technical Indicators

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